Patient Support

Great Lakes Health and Wellness was founded on a patient-centered business model, which means we advocate for the best products, services and care for those patients. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and customer service, treating patients with the respect each one deserves, and supporting every one in achieving optimum outcomes and functionality.

Telephone Support 24/7

As simple as it might sound, ensuring that the patient understands how to use his or her equipment properly is fundamental to ensuring successful patient outcomes. Our patient support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Comprehensive, continuous training by industry professionals provides our staff with the knowledge required to properly instruct patients and provide targeted support throughout the episode of care.

Personalized training

GLHW provides complete, personalized training to the patient as indicated by the treating physician for equipment. This personalized training helps facilitate patient compliance and positive treatment outcomes.

In-Home or In-Office Fitting and Training

GLHW trained orthopedic patient technicians fit and train the patient in the proper use of the prescribed medical devices in the physician’s office or the patient’s home.

The orthopedic technician provides:

  • In-home or In-Office fitting and training of products for orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Delivery, training and fitting of the device on the patient
  • Continued follow-up to ensure compliance

Standard of Care

GLHW is honored to be selected by our physician clients as a service partner in delivering medical products and services to their patients. Our business model is built on “patient-centered solutions” and our highest priority is collaborating with physicians to provide a standard of care in keeping with their clinical protocols.

Insurance Benefits

Our products have varied coverage depending on patients insurance. GLHW benefit services department verifies the patient’s insurance coverage or case eligibility before the equipment is delivered. We will also bill the insurance company on the patient’s behalf.

GLHW will contact the appropriate payor for each healthcare plan to determine reimbursement.

Patient Payment Programs

GLHW offers a number of payment program options to accommodate patients’ individual coverage and financial situations.